Friday, January 9, 2015


Oh man. Here we go. 2015! Weird!!! So weird. It is crazy to me how fast 2014 flew by! Christmas was lovely. I was able to spend a good amount of time with friends and family. The bf was down for a whole week!! It was fabulous.

Ended up going to a, new to me, Nurse Practitioner. I wanted some testing done that I figured my doctors would roll their eyes at. I had two test kits done that were $75 a piece. Worth it. They ended up taking 6 vials of blood and a urine sample. Holy. Shit. I was all like, 'is that a pint of blood?' She laughed at me. We had some issues getting my veins to cooperate. She missed twice, so she sent me to a clinic that strictly does blood draws. I drank a shit ton of water, and she got it on the first try. BOOM!!

My results are weird. Basically, my blood is thicker than it should be (what?), I am showing early signs of insulin resistance, my HDL is pathetically low, and my thyroid ROCKS :) to tell you the truth, I was worried about that. I'm tired a lot, I sleep a LOT, and I just didn't feel awesome. She also put me on a lot of supplements. It was expensive, but so so worth it!! She was not impressed with my doctor not having me on a Probiotic, that is one of them she is having me take. I had heard that before, but never from a face to face medical professional. She also got me a cream for my fissure...which did nothing. :( She also told me to go on a Paleo diet. Aaaand, I can't do that. I have my results from my other testing about food. I can't be that restrictive. I'm still eating rice, but I am eating a lot more veggies. And the tea. All the lovely green tea!!

Off I went to another Colorectal Surgeon. The one that my Gynecologist recommended to me last year. (I know). The new doctor actually did an exam on the *ahem* area. He told me what I already know...the fissure is trying to heal, but can't. He gave me a new cream and said to come back in a month. If it doesn't heal by then, we'll talk surgery. (This is what I wanted to avoid, but right now, I will do ANYTHING to heal it!) Ugh. At least this cream feels good and numbs it up!! It's a step in the right direction.

It's been a few weeks, nothing has changed. I DO feel better. Took a while to get there, but I'm still not healing. I HOPE he decides to do the surgery. The last GI Surgeon I went to said it was a medication issue. I call BS on that. I HATE this medication. I will do whatever I can to get off of that crap. I hate it. Maybe someday. Probably not this year, but someday.

I'm also in the market for a new GI doctor. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Things I'm trying:

I already drink a ton of water, but now I pay a little more attention to how much.
I quit dyeing my hair.
I switched to an organic shampoo and conditioner.
I NEED to find a different makeup.
I quit caffeine. (Woot!)
I'm eating a ton better. Still not where I should be, but it IS better! More organic, grass-fed foods.
I still need to get off my ass and exercise. Get that HDL up, up, up!! It's COLD outside!! These single digit days need to stop, Mother Nature!! Please? :)
Still working on the sugar and wheat thing. I've cut wheat out mostly, but I slip up a lot due to lack of planning on my part. I need to work on this one. I KNOW it makes me feel like crap. It's just very hard because it's in EVERYTHING.
I will cut out milk eventually. But, have you ever tried the substitutes?? EW. Nope. No bueno. Just no. I've tried all of them. Soy, Rice, Almond, Cashew. Nope. Sick. I've tried making my own, too.
I drink a TON of tea. Being cold outside has it's advantages. I can drink all the hot decaf tea I want! Peppermint is my FAVORITE.
I also sleep a lot, or I try to.
Working on the less stress thing, too.
Walking. I hate it. I miss running. I signed up for a race in December, but came down with a cold, so I couldn't run it. Bummer!! I also signed up for the Leprechaun Chase 2015 10k that's in March. Not sure if I'll be able to run that, either. We'll see what he says at the end of January.

There you have it. My list for 2015.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Superhero Dash 5k!

I forgot to post about my race. Oops! I loved it. LOVED. IT. So many people, so fun, and a really cool medal!

I was Robin. That shirt and cape cost me a whopping $10!! I got it at Spencer's. The mask is from JoAnn's Fabrics.

Look at this medal!! My first race medal! I love that they gave out finisher's medals for a 5k.

My time was 35:17. Pretty pleased with that. My only complaint was that people would sprint ahead and then stretch everybody out across the walkway and WALK. Uhm....move your asses over, people. It's rude. Oh well, such is life. Other than that, it was an awesome race! I met some awesome girls there. Yay new running friends!

I ran a bit in July, but I had to stop because of the fissure. It's still not healed. Sigh. I might just start running again anyway. It doesn't seem to matter either way. We'll see how that goes this month. I did pretty well last month for miles. I ran a total of 20.9 miles. :) That's pretty awesome for me! I'm gonna try to do that again this month.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thursday. The Crohn's Fight....and a 5k!

Crohn's Disease. I hate it. Right now I am fighting a fissure. Still. I had that tag removed and the doctor was concerned about the fissure. (This is my Gynecologist, BTW.) My GI doctor looked and didn't even see it. (P.S. I'm looking for a new GI doctor. If you know of any good ones, please send them my way.) On the Crohn's side, it has been a very frustrating year. I do NOT want to have any more surgery. I'm surgery'd out! As of right now, I'm using coconut oil to keep everything as normal as possible, plus some steroid crap my GYNO prescribed me. Any person out there that reads this, all tips would be greatly appreciated! This needs to stop. The constipation, the pain, all of it.

On the up-side, I have a 5k coming up that I need to start seriously training for! I'm excited. It's the Run for the Money 5k event!! If you want to run a 5k for a good cause, this is going to be a fun run! It's a group that is against Human Trafficking. Check it out, sign up!

Today is the First Thursday of the month. That means you can head on over to The Lincoln Running Company starting at 6:30 p.m. and go for a group run. Last month is was a scavenger hunt! It's a blast. We ended up running over 4 miles. Since my fissure is being a pain, I won't be attending tonight, and that makes me sad.

Also, I'm going to CT in a few weeks to see the BF. I am stoked. Beach time, NYC, new restaurants, and a run!! More importantly, see the boyfriend. Can't wait. :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A New PR!!!

Well....I think so anyway. Hmm....whatever. I think my phone thing was off. Anyway. I PR'd by 2:40!! EEEKKK!!!!! I'm so excited. I would post pictures, but this stupid thing won't let me today. Oh well.

I did the Leprechaun Chase 10k in Nebraska this year. Such a fun race! Girls won again! Woot! Well organized, fun, and just long enough to be a big deal!

I had to use a rolling pin on my legs last night. Haha! The good thing is, I no longer cringe at the site of stairs.

Random crap because I don't post as often as I should......

Hmm....where to start. My 10k is on Saturday. I haven't run in a few weeks due to a stupid tag I 'had' to have removed the other week. I also have a fissure. Saturday is going to be interesting, that's for sure! Should be fun. The energy of that race is awesome. Can't wait to wear my green! I'm going for a test run today at lunch. We'll see how I feel after that, and then decide what to do on Saturday!

I found out that I'm intolerant to a LOT of foods via a blood test. So, that's been interesting. I'm so glad I KNOW, but it is still very challenging. It's different.

I still have a fissure. Which is very annoying, and it's slightly painful. (I guess you just get used to this stuff over time.)

The boyfriend flew to see me over Valentine's Day. He really is the best. We went to the Blue Orchid for dinner that night, and then we played laser tag. My boyfriend is such a child. I love it! The next day, we went to Paint Yourself Silly. OMG. Best. Idea. Ever. I painted a coffee cup (for tea, of course), and a hanging puppy. He looks like Kye Dog. My huge little buddy.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Jingle Bell 5k Run!! 12-8-2013

Well, my race went pretty well considering it was SNOWING. Haha. Oh well, what do you do. The race was at 3 yesterday. Not as many people showed up as last year, or so I heard. The sissies didn't want to be outside, I suppose. The snow coming down made it a beautiful run!! I wish I would have gotten a picture! Not so good at that, yet. Maybe someday.

My official time was 34:25! Also, my Nike+ app is completely off base. The race was 3.1 miles, my app said it was 3.4 something. Ugh. I'll have to figure out how to get that fixed.

Here I am before the race.

I added a hat, gloves, and put an ear warmer over my mouth and nose for part of the race. Now off to train for a 10k!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Saturday's COLD AWESOME Run

OMG. I went for a run on Saturday. No, I did not run that morning. That would have sucked. 14 degrees out. No. I waited until the afternoon. I ran in town. It was 24 degrees F out. A tad chilly to begin with. Once I started to go? I was fine. :) The sun was out to warm me up. It was lovely. And. I ran 3.2 miles. Yay! In 34 minutes. I have a 5k run December 8. I feel pretty good about that. I didn't even have to stop this time!! It was awesome.